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Who We Are

Sweet Pure Honey is proud to be one of the earliest apiaries to support the Fair Trade movement. We are passionate and dedicated to ensuring all farmers are paid fair value for their crops.

Our Canadian No.1 White Honey is harvested and packed fresh for our customers, while creating sustainable farming opportunities for our family and community.

Sweet Pure Honey is the unprocessed, concentrated nectar of flowers.

From the field to the warehouse, our raw honey is extracted, hand poured into jars, and frozen where it sets up naturally to a white spreadable raw honey butter.

Our bees cover a variety of blooming crops throughout our prairie lands. The health-giving antioxidants and heady floral flavours of alfalfa, red clover, sweet clover, canola, borage and wild blooms are in every jar of Sweet Pure Honey. Containing flower pollen, concentrations of nutrients and propolis it is a raw wholesome sweetener.