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"Our products are freshly handmade to order just for you!"

We hand pack our raw honey jars directly from the field. The raw honey is frozen for 2 weeks at -20 degrees. This unique ice honey, sets up in the dark to a luxurious spreadable honey butter. Our raw honey is bursting with unique floral bloom and is sure to please the most discerning honey connoisseur.

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beekeeper 2Happy New Year everyone! Wow what a year that was, I can safely say I am really looking forward to a fresh new start in 2018. With my whole family under one roof the New Year has been a new beginning for Sweet Pure Honey.

As Sheldon and I adjust to life with 3 teens, (its a learning curve to say the least) we have also settled into new roles and a peace that age seems to bring with it.

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely and exhausting at times. It is a complex journey of highs and lows, celebrations and let downs. One of the perks is the amazing self driven business people you meet along the way, who get you and your life.  I try to share what I have learned along the way.  The harsh, brutal truth of start ups no one really wants to talk about.  I have recently been listening to Gary V, he swears alot, ALOT, but he cuts to the heart of what you have to do to make your idea manifest into relaity.  Hard work, lonely nights, and self determination.  https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com

FLOW HIVE HONEYI have decided to drive out the Vancouver Gift Expo for the next show.  This will allow me to take my product lines and full display for my exhibit.  We did land some new wholesale accounts at the fall show in September.  I am looking forward to the new adventure driving up there will bring. I will be connecting with organic stores, healthfood stores, and food delivery services all along the way.  We are showcasing our new clover honey harvested from our flow hives and our video from https://www.honeyflow.com  Flow Hive should be ready any day now. This summer they flew a videographer out to capture us in action at our farm, cant wait to see it!  There is still many misconceptions regarding the new flow hives https://www.honeycolony.com/article/against-flow-hive/, I hope to offer some insight into these.  We chose to invest in flow hives to bring our customers pure honey knowing excatly where it was coming from.  It is undeniable the taste and consistency of this new clover honey is different. The slow process, and the floral flavor produce an instense sweetness, and a brand new flavor profile.

beekeeper 1Speaking of videos Netflix has a new docuseries called ROTTEN https://www.netflix.com/title/80146284 and the first episode is all about Honey. If you want to know what is going on in the honey industry, and why it is so important to know exactly where your honey is coming from have a watch. Now more than ever knowing your beekeeper ensures you will never purchase adulterated honey cut with cheaper syrups from other countries. Canada No.1 White Raw Honey is some of the best honey in the world and we are proud producers. Although many of beekeeping practises depicted in the serie we ourselves do not adhere to, the overall message of the plight of the bee farm is quite accurate.

I also wanted to let you know about my 2 upcoming Sweet Pure Honey shows in Medicine Hat. The first is at TOP music festival https://topfest.ca If you are looking for some fun and great musical entertainment this is the place to be $25.00 for the day shows, I am there Jan.27th 12-4pm.

I am at the Canalta Centre for the Servus Free Skate and local market Jan.28th 11-4pm. I will have our famous CinnaSpread and Valentine goodies for your all your sweethearts.  We have also added more green wedding favors to our online store.  Our little honey soaps and glass jars of honey make for great green, eco friendly gifts.  

green wedding favorsIf you are reading this blog thank you for taking the time to find out what is happening in our world. You can stay connected with us on instagram, twitter and facebook.  Stella






our family picturecanalata pic

TOP pic

Vancouver Gift ExpoThis week will see us heading to the Vancouver Gift Expo.

With the down turn in the Alberta economy, our local retail and wholesale sales have drastically decreased. Add several factors that have pushed global honey prices 50% lower than precious years, and well you have a couple bad years of farming in a row. 

stella face picSo Sweet Pure Honey is headed to our first big wholesale buyers show in over 8 years. We will be focusing on adding value to our existing honey crop while, spotlighting our beeswax cosmetics and honey soaps.

Sweet Pure HoneyThe goal is to acquire new wholesale accounts in BC, while promoting direct sales through our online store. I am no stranger to seeking out new clients. Every wholesale account I have to date was acquired from hitting the road in our honey mobile and seeking out new clients. I did it once before, I can do it again.

Fall means harvest time is among us and many farmers will be pulling some serious man hours to get their crops off. Sheldon is wrapping up his bee duties at the farm and will get the bees ready to winter over the winter. He will fly out of Saskatoon, and meet me in Vancouver for the show. Last year my girlfriend Giselle came out and captured the season changing before our very eyes. Our farm is beautiful sight during fall, alive with golden color.

hill farm5  Hill farm 6   Hill farm 3

The Hill kids are all back in school, woot woot! When you are a small business and you work from home, you sure notice extra bodies in your work space. It is hard to believe our children will soon all be in the same high school. To think this all began from the desire to provide for our young family. It is still our driving force, and keeps us grounded in our roots.

The kids  The kids

Honey Cooking

I am excited to announce I will be making our famous Cinnamon and Cocoa Spreads out of The Hat's Olive Tap kitchen.

IMG 4232  Olive tap kitchen

Thank you so much for all your feed back on our new spreads. I say new, but it is actually an old classic for us. I brought the spreads back in an effort to boost our local and online sales. The feed back from clients has been encouraging you all LOVE it! I love hearing all the different stories how the cocoa spread is being eaten. A fan favorite seems  to be with french toast and strawberries, or drizzled on bananas. The cinnamon spread is now available online, and at my local markets. As I will be gone for one week, I am offering the coupon code Market25 for anyone of you who want to place an order online. Type Market25 in the message box, and I will take 25% off your entire order when I invoice you. This would be a great time to try our new Sweet Clover and Red Clover varietal honey harvested from our flow hives.

holding honey

Thank you so much for supporting our family bee farm.

Stella's Cooking

This week I made a simple honey garlic ginger pork peppered greens stir fry. As I transition away from store bought condiments, my sauces seem to get cleaner and simpler. A little honey goes a long way in creating your own stir fry sauce.

IMG 4266

I get asked about the conversion of honey to sugar at every market, here is a link to help you gauge.

Thank you for listening and you can follow our Vancouver experience on Instagram and Facebook.

porcupine plain sk

The summer is winding down, and the Hill household is preparing to head back to school. Sheldon is wrapping up honey harvest at the farm, and he tapped our flow hives for the last time this year.


sweet clover harvested from flow hivesWe have now SPH varietal honey, Sweet Clover and Red Clover harvested from our flow hives. This delightful specialty honey is bursting with high sweet notes, and a distinguishable floral taste. Hand packed in glass jars, our new sweet clover and red clover honey, is sure to please our honey snobs.

I have been enjoying our clover honey drizzled on beet salad and fresh fruit granola bowls. Our new cinnamon and cocoa spread, is proving to be a hit, and will be available to buy on on our website soon! Just in time for warm cups of tea and hot morning porridge.

IMG 3904



IMG 3777

I have also been mixing up some spicy pumpkin coffee cake inspired soap bars for my local markets. I will have our all our new products this week at Medalta Market Thursday 4:30-8:30 pm, and the Saturday Farmers Market 9-1 pm.

IMG 3899 1

IMG 3947

IMG 3927

We came home to our farm in Porcupine Plain, SK, this weekend to pack our SPH honey crop. Our trip home happened to coincide with FLOW HIVE contacting us to do a video tapping our Flow Hives.

Flow Hives Information      Sweet Pure Honey

Flow Hives      Stella Stehn

Tomorrow Checkered Owl is flying into Saskatoon, renting a car and driving out to our farm.  I am beyond excited about this incredible opportunity to capture us tapping the Flow Hives and our breath taking countryside.

What was a dream two years ago is reality today.  The original letters that came with our FLOW HIVE spoke of us being brought together by this idea, of experiencing a connection with life on earth. Preparing for this video on Monday, I am asking myself what was is that first peaked my interest about the new hives?

IMG 3543

From the moment I saw the crowd fundraiser I felt like we were pioneers on this new beekeeping adventure fueling innovation.

It seems like I and others loved the idea of reduced disturbance to the bees. Alongside a reduction in energy consumption for production and the whole concept behind ethical consumerism, made me fall in love with this start up company. I have embraced slow food and positive buying and I see our FLOW HIVES as a step in the right direction while meeting our consumers demand for Eco-friendly goods.

Our focus moving forward is to provide the highest quality whole food and green products that support our SPH healthy choices lifestyle brand.

Our conscious consumers have told us they want isolated specialty raw honey crops.  This year we purchased 20 more Flow Hives and placed them on sweet clover and red clover crops. This year we will have sweet clover and red clover specialty honey harvest from our own Flow Hives.

Sweet Pure Honey Beekeeper

We will have the honey available on our website and also at my local markets. A portion of our money harvested from Flow Hives will go directly to educating young school children about the importance of growing your own food, and how bees are not to be feared, rather celebrated.

We thank you for your support and value the connection with our followers. The feedback you provide, all the messages of love and support, stories of healing and handing up, bring me to tears. You motivate me to do more too! I am forever grateful for those of you who believe in me and my little dream!

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