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"Our products are freshly handmade to order just for you!"

We hand pack our raw honey jars directly from the field. The raw honey is frozen for 2 weeks at -20 degrees. This unique ice honey, sets up in the dark to a luxurious spreadable honey butter. Our raw honey is bursting with unique floral bloom and is sure to please the most discerning honey connoisseur.

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As I sit and type, my heart races realizing in 2 days I will get on a plane and fly to a new city. Sheldon and I head to Vancouver on our second trip alone together in 15 years!

This trip comes at a time when we are looking towards our future, with the Alberta economy drastically changing we have been forced to push ourselves and our business in new directions. We are heading to les amis du FROMAGE to do some Canadian No. 1 Raw white honey tastings, including our specialty red clover flow hive honey.

As we look to expand in British Columbia this year, we were inspired to create new organic products.  Moving towards cleaner and greener ingredients, while remaining committed to affordable products and sustainable practices. As founding supporters of Flow Hive, Sweet Pure Honey is investing in more Flow Hives this year. This will allow us to bring our clients specialty organic honey while moving us in a sustainable direction.

The drastic honey price fluctuations seen in the market globally, are especially taxing when you are a small producer. We have always envisioned providing pure honey to our loyal clients who care where their food is coming from.  We are here today because people choose to support our family bee farm.

I just got the video of our 2016 Chamber Of Commerce Business Ethics Award, you can watch it here:

What an amazing evening, I will never forget that night!  To be acknowledged for exhibiting the 8 business code of practices right now is an honor, one I strive to maintain.

What started as a dream to build a better life for our family has turned into a reality. We still work each day to provide for our 3 children, and now we see the fruits of our labor. As our children move into teenage years we remain focused on creating a strong family tie that will bind us over the years to follow.

Thank you to each and every one of you who share our story, support our small business and believe in our dream! I am beyond grateful for the life I live and appreciate the privilege to be a stay at home mom while working from home.

Sheldon Hill stella and sheldonStella wearing her gownthe hill familythe hill family

I had the privilege of speaking at my local woman's shelter yesterday. This time of year I normally make cash donations to all my favorite organizations in the Hat. With my local market sales decreasing 60% I have been forced to find new and inventive ways to give back to the community that has literally supported my dreams. I chose to give my time, supplies and expertise and empower the woman to create their own organic soap for their family and loved ones. You can read about it here or watch the Video below:

sweet pure honey giving back to the local community

What I learned is the greatest gift I can give to other woman is to empower and teach what I have personally learned.

We all walked out of that room a little lighter and taller!


BBB Award For Business Ethics 2016Left to right: Sheldon Hill, Stella Sehn and Ron Riemann of BBB

Credit: BBB Award for Business Ethics 2016

Speak with Stella Sehn about her company and it doesn’t take long to see how she and her husband, Sheldon Hill, have built a loyal following for Sweet Pure Honey. With passion and energy like sun on a prairie wildflower and dedication to quality and community matched only by the bees that produce their honey, these entrepreneurs are a natural for the BBB Award for Business Ethics.

“When you’re running a family business on a family farm, everything begins with ethics,” says Sehn. “And that comes through in everything we do from our all-natural organic product to our hand-packaging to our contribution to our community.” 

From raw honey to organic bath and body products through to beeswax candles, Sweet Pure Honey offers its products online and in person through farmers markets throughout southern Alberta. Discerning chefs (like Connie DeSousa at Calgary’s Charcut) also use Sweet Pure Honey in their culinary offerings. But this company, and the family that runs it, goes far beyond its product offering. Sehn very clearly stands for making a difference in the world through entrepreneurship.

When I realized I was a leader, I saw that I could be a role model for women and for entrepreneurs.

 “We support women’s charities in our community because I know what it takes for some people to come from nothing and have nothing but a dream,” says Sehn. “Not everyone has the support I have in my family. When I realized I was a leader, I saw that I could be a role model for women and for entrepreneurs and it feels good to be a contribution in the community.”

Sehn’s blog and social media sites have thousands of followers, most of whom she believes are inspired by her honesty and authenticity.

“It’s important to me to be honest about our family and our business and mental illness and all of the challenges we face because other people are facing them too,” she says. “Being transparent lets people know they’re not alone in their struggles and their successes.”

For us being ethical, being a contribution to the community, earning an honest living and having a strong family is success.

And success, says Sehn, goes beyond the bottom line. 

“How successful are you if you’re failing in your marriage or as a parent,” she says. “For us being ethical, being a contribution to the community, earning an honest living and having a strong family is success.”

Let Sweet Pure Honey be part of your special day!

green wedding favors

We can provide customized Green Wedding Favors for your wedding guests.

To order your personal glass jars of our Canada No. 1 raw white hand packed honey email Email Sweet Pure Honey with your full details.

Comes in a case of 24 glass jars with gold lid $2.25 each

3 cases or more $2.00 each.

raw honey jars

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