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Changing with the times

All businesses start with some kind of spark, the idea that you can fill a gap that isn’t being filled. BottomLine’s Founder, Lisa Genovese, is fascinated by the do-or-die mentality of bootstrapped entrepreneurs who are building their own visions through grit and determination. This month, she sat down with Stella Sehn, Founder and Innovator with Sweet Pure […]

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Our FREEBRUARY Promotion

A close friend shared a link for FREEBRUARY with me last month in a message. https://www.freebruary.ca/   When you have a friend you trust share content with you, it is usually relevant. I clicked the link and watched the one minute video. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBn_C3sL-JjnR0U-woH8uPg   I instantly knew I wanted to be a part of this.

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Our Wonderful family

Embracing Change

I am finally at a point where I can begin sharing again. The past few years farming has seen Sweet Pure Honey having to develop new ways of doing things. Through fighting to save our bee farm I was reminded why we started our business in those early years with young babies. In having to

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Sweet Pure Honey Hives

Beekeeping 2021

*Previously Published by Prairie Post – February 17/2021 Many people in southeast Alberta know Stella Sehn, the hardworking and engaging face of Sweet Pure Honey. Besides making a lot of the natural honey home-based products such as soaps, cosmetics and spreads, Sehn is constantly marketing, shipping and finding new customers all over the world for

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Sheldon Hill

Embracing Possibilities

As 2020 finishes, I have optimism for the future. It has simultaneously brought me to my knees and lifted me up to the heavens by the lessons learned during the pandemic. Six months before the pandemic had started, I lost my winter job. I was well into panic mode long before the worst of it

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Sweet Pure Honey bee resting on a dandelion

2019 Alberta Honey Crop Down by 50%

The recent news from the Alberta Beekeepers Commission reporting the honey crop in Alberta was down by as much as 50%, did not come as a shock to me. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/honey-bees-beekeepers-environment-1.5488447  Friends in the beekeeping industry in Alberta had already shared that information with us last summer. We were slightly better at 33% less than average,

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