Our FREEBRUARY Promotion

A close friend shared a link for FREEBRUARY with me last month in a message.




When you have a friend you trust share content with you, it is usually relevant. I clicked the link and watched the one minute video.



I instantly knew I wanted to be a part of this. They bring together Canadian brands in one place for the month of February to share the best deals they can.

The thought is to bring makers together, offer great deals and give always all while getting their products into people hand’s.

I was on Clearing A New Path podcast with Andrew talking about how important this campaign is for brands and producers. “Imagine if you committed to discovering or buying one new thing you found on the website?

That could change the course of some Canadian small business for the year.” We talked about how important word of mouth and telling your friends if you like them really is.


Here’s the link to the podcast on iTunes:


Here it is on the podcast website:



You can find our exclusive offer here https://www.freebruary.ca/post/sweet-pure-honey-2023 or by signing up to our email list.



Thank you for all your support, we appreciate your business. We will always invest right back into the consumers who purchase our products. 

We are still standing and operating as a family farm because of you! 

Stella Sehn Co Founder / Owner Sweet Pure Honey

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