Fresh starts at Sweet Pure Honey

Vancouver Gift ExpoThis week will see us heading to the Vancouver Gift Expo.

With the down turn in the Alberta economy, our local retail and wholesale sales have drastically decreased. Add several factors that have pushed global honey prices 50% lower than precious years, and well you have a couple bad years of farming in a row.

stella face picSo Sweet Pure Honey is headed to our first big wholesale buyers show in over 8 years. We will be focusing on adding value to our existing honey crop while, spotlighting our beeswax cosmetics and honey soaps.

Sweet Pure HoneyThe goal is to acquire new wholesale accounts in BC, while promoting direct sales through our online store. I am no stranger to seeking out new clients. Every wholesale account I have to date was acquired from hitting the road in our honey mobile and seeking out new clients. I did it once before, I can do it again.

Fall means harvest time is among us and many farmers will be pulling some serious man hours to get their crops off. Sheldon is wrapping up his bee duties at the farm and will get the bees ready to winter over the winter. He will fly out of Saskatoon, and meet me in Vancouver for the show. Last year my girlfriend Giselle came out and captured the season changing before our very eyes. Our farm is beautiful sight during fall, alive with golden color.

hill farm5  Hill farm 6   Hill farm 3

The Hill kids are all back in school, woot woot! When you are a small business and you work from home, you sure notice extra bodies in your work space. It is hard to believe our children will soon all be in the same high school. To think this all began from the desire to provide for our young family. It is still our driving force, and keeps us grounded in our roots.

The kids  The kids

Honey Cooking

I am excited to announce I will be making our famous Cinnamon and Cocoa Spreads out of The Hat’s Olive Tap kitchen.

IMG 4232  Olive tap kitchen

Thank you so much for all your feed back on our new spreads. I say new, but it is actually an old classic for us. I brought the spreads back in an effort to boost our local and online sales. The feed back from clients has been encouraging you all LOVE it! I love hearing all the different stories how the cocoa spread is being eaten. A fan favorite seems  to be with french toast and strawberries, or drizzled on bananas. The cinnamon spread is now available online, and at my local markets. As I will be gone for one week, I am offering the coupon code Market25 for anyone of you who want to place an order online. Type Market25 in the message box, and I will take 25% off your entire order when I invoice you. This would be a great time to try our new Sweet Clover and Red Clover varietal honey harvested from our flow hives.

holding honey

Thank you so much for supporting our family bee farm.

Stella’s Cooking

This week I made a simple honey garlic ginger pork peppered greens stir fry. As I transition away from store bought condiments, my sauces seem to get cleaner and simpler. A little honey goes a long way in creating your own stir fry sauce.

IMG 4266

I get asked about the conversion of honey to sugar at every market, here is a link to help you gauge.

Thank you for listening and you can follow our Vancouver experience on Instagram and Facebook.

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