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Freshly handmade

"Our products are freshly handmade to order just for you!"

We hand pack our raw honey jars directly from the field. The raw honey is frozen for 2 weeks at -20 degrees. This unique ice honey, sets up in the dark to a luxurious spreadable honey butter. Our raw honey is bursting with unique floral bloom and is sure to please the most discerning honey connoisseur.

Freshly handmade

Orders are custom made fresh in small batches. Our Average delivery time is 4-6 weeks. Canada Post shipping costs will be added to your cart total. We will email you to request payment. (Payments accepted: Credit cards, E-transfer, Cheques)


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Flower & Beehive Soap Green Favors

6 oz Flower & Beehive Soap Green Favors
6 oz Flower & Beehive Soap Green Favors
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Our luxurious honey soap poured in flower and beehive shapes. Wonderful gifts for wedding, baby showers, and fundraising events.

  • Our handcrafted soap is made from a simple melt and pour soap base using creamy Coconut Oil, Safflower oil, RSPO Sustainable Palm Oil, Glycerine, Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Sorbital, Soyabean Portien, Titanium Dioxide, Sweet Almond Oil. Essential Oil, Phalate Free Fragrant Oils, Mica  

  • We use New Directions Aronmatics oils in our products for Material Safety Data Sheet on any Sweet Pure Honey products please contact us directly for MSDS and CofA

  • We use Sweet Almond oil in our soap for a natural lather booster

  • May contain poppyseeds

  • Select from our Eco-friendly favor scents:

    • Lemongrass gold color
    • Orange cinnamon brown color
    • Anise star w poppy seed white color
    • Spearmint green color
    • Vanilla
    • Lavender purple color
    • Oakmoss sandalwood grey/green color
    • Unscented white color

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