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Men’s Wellness Box

The purchase of this Men's Wellness box goes directly towards supporting Canadian beekeepers and their hives.
Men’s Wellness BoxMen’s Wellness Box

Hand crafted in small batches, the purchase of this box goes directly towards supporting Canadian Beekeepers and their hives.

Honey Beeswax Votive - Emits negative ions, and is the same spectrum of light as sunlight. CARE for your candles - Burn until top of votive is liquid, then blow out and let harden. Always burn in open fire proof container, beeswax burns hot,  nothing directly above burning candle. 

Pure Star Solid Scent - This is a mood shifter, rub a small amount on wrists, smell and breathe deeply. This natural product will melt above 20 degrees and freeze below zero. 

Honey Shave Bar - This soap bar can be used for shaving and as an all in one body bar (yes, even for shampoo) lather up and enjoy the aroma.

Stain Remover Stick - Use this bar to clean up your fave clothes and caps, works for upholstery stains as well. ALWAYS Do a small test spot. Wet and rub directly on stain. Wash clean.

Honey Cream Pot and Lip Balm - Naturally honey scented , use to moisturize your hands, face and body. Use on your cuts and scrapes. CONTAINS Beeswax and coconut oil, that is it!