Sweet Pure Honey BeeHive CandlesSweet Pure Honey BeeHive Candles

BeeHive Candles

BeeHive Candles - 100% Canadian Beeswax Candles

• Bag of 10 hand crafted beehive beeswax tealights.

• Using 100% filtered Alberta beeswax, and all cotton wicks, we gently hand pour our candles to order.

• 1 beehive beeswax tealight burns between 5-7 hours.

• Beeswax emits negative ions when it burns and is the same specturm of light as sunlight.

PLEASE NOTE: As beeswax burns at a higher temperature, always make sure you burn beeswax candles in an open fire proof container (nothing cover the flame and always a proper fire proof candle holder).