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Sweet Pure Honey Hers PackSweet Pure Honey Hers Pack

Hers Pack

Hers Pack
Face & Body.

A great gift pack for HER with loads of sweet treats for HIM.  The idea behind the gift packs was to fill it with special hand crafted, one of a kind gifts for HER but with special goodies she can share with the special people in her life.


- 6 oz Queen Bee Bee Pollen Soap Frankincense, amber and sandalwood with real bee pollen and raw honey added directly to the soap base. ( bee pollen turns green naturally once suspended inside honey soap )

- 6 oz Stick of triple honey butter soap ( mango, cocoa, shea butter with cartelized honey for a natural honey scent )

- 2 oz Tin of Pure Honey Cream

- 2 oz jar of our signature coconut oil and beeswax cream ( travel size )

- 2 oz jar of our raw white honey ( travel size )

- 2 beehive beeswax candles hand crafted with 100% pure Alberta Beeswax using all cotton wicks ( caution burn beeswax candles in open fire proof container, beeswax burns hot, use caution when burning beeswax candles )

- Woman scent stick our new floral scent with light Geranium, jasmine and vanilla notes.

We use New Directions Aronmatics oils in our products for Material Safety Data Sheet on any Sweet Pure Honey products please contact us directly for MSDS and CofA.

May contain poppyseeds.