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Lots of Pure Soap PackLots of Pure Soap Pack

Lots of Pure Soap Pack

Lots of Pure Soap Pack - includes our top 5 big bars of soap - $20.00 savings with this pack
Face & Body.

You save $20.00 buying this Soap pack (basically 2 big bars free)  

Please Note: (Discount codes excluded from this saving pack)

Lots of Soap pack includes our top 5  6oz. bars. 2 Unscented, 2 Love (lemongrass,orange,vannilla,sandalwood oils) 2 Anise Star oil, 2 Spearmint oil, 2 CinnaOrange (orange oil and pure ground cinnamon) Our handcrafted soap is made from a simple melt and pour soap base using creamy Coconut Oil, Safflower oil, RSPO Sustainable Palm Oil, Glycerine, Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Sorbital, Soyabean Portien, Titanium Dioxide, Sweet Almond Oil. Essential Oil, Phalate Free Fragrant Oils, Mica   

We use New Directions Aromatics oils in our products for Material Safety Data Sheet on any Sweet Pure Honey products please contact us directly for MSDS and CofA.

We use Sweet Almond oil in our soap for a natural lather booster.  May contain poppyseeds.