Summer Update

We came home to our farm in Porcupine Plain, SK, this weekend to pack our SPH honey crop. Our trip home happened to coincide with FLOW HIVE contacting us to do a video tapping our Flow Hives.

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Flow Hives      Stella Stehn

Tomorrow Checkered Owl is flying into Saskatoon, renting a car and driving out to our farm.  I am beyond excited about this incredible opportunity to capture us tapping the Flow Hives and our breath taking countryside.

What was a dream two years ago is reality today.  The original letters that came with our FLOW HIVE spoke of us being brought together by this idea, of experiencing a connection with life on earth. Preparing for this video on Monday, I am asking myself what was is that first peaked my interest about the new hives?

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From the moment I saw the crowd fundraiser I felt like we were pioneers on this new beekeeping adventure fueling innovation.

It seems like I and others loved the idea of reduced disturbance to the bees. Alongside a reduction in energy consumption for production and the whole concept behind ethical consumerism, made me fall in love with this start up company. I have embraced slow food and positive buying and I see our FLOW HIVES as a step in the right direction while meeting our consumers demand for Eco-friendly goods.

Our focus moving forward is to provide the highest quality whole food and green products that support our SPH healthy choices lifestyle brand.

Our conscious consumers have told us they want isolated specialty raw honey crops.  This year we purchased 20 more Flow Hives and placed them on sweet clover and red clover crops. This year we will have sweet clover and red clover specialty honey harvest from our own Flow Hives.

Sweet Pure Honey Beekeeper

We will have the honey available on our website and also at my local markets. A portion of our money harvested from Flow Hives will go directly to educating young school children about the importance of growing your own food, and how bees are not to be feared, rather celebrated.

We thank you for your support and value the connection with our followers. The feedback you provide, all the messages of love and support, stories of healing and handing up, bring me to tears. You motivate me to do more too! I am forever grateful for those of you who believe in me and my little dream!

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