Beeswax Food Wraps Our Earth Day Gift to You!

To celebrate and raise awareness for EARTH DAY we offered our Bee Beeswax Food Wraps at 50% OFF the retail price. Sales from the beeswax food wraps will go directly to feeding our baby bees and supporting our hives this spring. My hope is to offer a substantial discount during this challenging time so clients and customers could invest in alternative, plastic free, food wrap without worry of financial strain. Giving back is woven into our small business and we are still operating directly because of your purchases.
Sweet Pure Honey beeswax food wraps
Our bee themed beeswax food wraps are hand crafted with 100% Cotton, 100% Pure SK Beeswax from our own hives and 100% pure JoJoba Oil. They are natural ecofriendly alternative to single use plastic.  These breathable food wraps help reduce food waste by helping to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh for longer.  It takes a while to remember to use your food wraps. Placing them out in the open, on the counter helps remind yourself to reach for them.
  • How to clean beeswax food wrap: Wash in cold water with eco friendly mild soap. Let air dry.
  • Avoid hot temperatures, microwaves, and raw meat.


Our new bee themed food wraps will be 50% off for the entire month to celebrate Earth Day April 22 – April 30/2020.
Every small change you make to reduce waste in your home now adds up to create improvements in our climate action.
Sweet Pure Honey Food Wraps
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