Beeswax Tealight Candles


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(10) Beeswax Tealight Candles – Hand poured using all cotton wicks
Directly support CA Bee Hives

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  • Bag of 10 hand crafted beeswax tealights. (comes with 3 reusable plastic tealight cups)
  • Using 100% filtered Alberta beeswax, and all cotton wicks, we gently pour our candles to order.
  • 1 tealight burns between 4-5 hours
  • In an effort to cut down on single plastic use, Sweet Pure Honey is now providing only 3 plastic tealight cups for you to reuse.
  • Burn your beeswax tealight cup clean. Once cooled pop the metal wick holder out, and replace with a fresh beeswax tealight.
  • We have given you an extra candle as our thanks for your support to clean up our packaging and reduce our plastic use where we can.

REMEMBER: Always burn your beeswax candles in an open fire proof container. Never leave beeswax candles unattended. Beeswax burns hot, never place anything above a burning beeswax candles.

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