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Sheldon Hill the Smokey Beekeeper


Hi, this is Sheldon Hill, the beekeeper in the Sweet Pure Honey. Sweet Pure Honey has enjoyed special support from what I like to call our ambassadors of SPH and you know who you are because you have chosen to read this right now. You are a dedicated lover of our honey, soaps, balms, beeswax wraps and other products and we can’t thank you enough. So, Thank You! We literally couldn’t do it with out your support. Recognizing this we want to share with you more what we do. We also want to hear what is important to you. To show in some part our gratefulness to you in making our dream a reality.


Stella Sehn

My wife Stella, the face and brand of SPH you are probably are all more familiar with.  I have had the chance to meet a lot of you at markets and other events that SPH has been apart of over the years, I have enjoyed meeting you all. During those interactions, Stella and I have been asked a lot of questions, and we would like to interact more, and answer your bee questions.

So, with the encouragement of my wife Stella, I have decided to create a blog called Smokey Beekeeper. The first few blogs will be some of the things that I may think would be interesting to our supporters. I hope in the future, blog topics that are bee related could come from you. I love thinking and talking all things bees. You have the ear of this beekeeper, so ask away.

Video content is planned to follow in the spring. Who doesn’t love watching bee video’s doing what they do best, I know I do, LOL. For those of you who are passionate about raising bees or maybe raising bees is a want in the future. I would like to produce some videos on from how to handle bees, every day working of hives, what to look for, more advanced techniques such as splitting and queen rearing and many others through the coming season.

smokey beekeeper tending our bees

As requested, by some of our followers in the past, we are now able to offer for the first time, live bees for sale to start your own hive.

For those of you who are new to bees and have no existing equipment, we are offering a package that will have all the things to let your hive grow. From bottom boards to lids and all the things between. There is a limited amount and is on first come first serve basis. Included in this package will be exclusive access to one-on-one mentoring with Smokey Beekeeper through various means of texting, Facetime, Skype and E-mail, what ever works. I want you and your hive to be successful and flourish.

For those who have equipment and just need bees to establish, I am offering a 6- frame nucleus colony. It like the previous offer comes with a queen that has been wintered from the previous year and has 2-3 frames of brood and enough bees to take advantage of the early pollen and nectar and to establish itself into a viable colony for winter. More information in the Sweet Pure Honey store. This will be added in the coming weeks.

I am excited about this new journey and sharing some knowledge about our interesting little friends, the bees. Thank you again for all the support and encouragement for what we do. It is our pleasure to be apart of it.

You can follow @ smokeybeekeeper on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks for sharing.

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