New Year, New Start

beekeeper 2Happy New Year everyone! Wow what a year that was, I can safely say I am really looking forward to a fresh new start in 2018. With my whole family under one roof the New Year has been a new beginning for Sweet Pure Honey.

As Sheldon and I adjust to life with 3 teens, (its a learning curve to say the least) we have also settled into new roles and a peace that age seems to bring with it.

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely and exhausting at times. It is a complex journey of highs and lows, celebrations and let downs. One of the perks is the amazing self driven business people you meet along the way, who get you and your life.  I try to share what I have learned along the way.  The harsh, brutal truth of start ups no one really wants to talk about.  I have recently been listening to Gary V, he swears alot, ALOT, but he cuts to the heart of what you have to do to make your idea manifest into relaity.  Hard work, lonely nights, and self determination.

FLOW HIVE HONEYI have decided to drive out the Vancouver Gift Expo for the next show.  This will allow me to take my product lines and full display for my exhibit.  We did land some new wholesale accounts at the fall show in September.  I am looking forward to the new adventure driving up there will bring. I will be connecting with organic stores, healthfood stores, and food delivery services all along the way.  We are showcasing our new clover honey harvested from our flow hives and our video from  Flow Hive should be ready any day now. This summer they flew a videographer out to capture us in action at our farm, cant wait to see it!  There is still many misconceptions regarding the new flow hives, I hope to offer some insight into these.  We chose to invest in flow hives to bring our customers pure honey knowing excatly where it was coming from.  It is undeniable the taste and consistency of this new clover honey is different. The slow process, and the floral flavor produce an instense sweetness, and a brand new flavor profile.

beekeeper 1Speaking of videos Netflix has a new docuseries called ROTTEN and the first episode is all about Honey. If you want to know what is going on in the honey industry, and why it is so important to know exactly where your honey is coming from have a watch. Now more than ever knowing your beekeeper ensures you will never purchase adulterated honey cut with cheaper syrups from other countries. Canada No.1 White Raw Honey is some of the best honey in the world and we are proud producers. Although many of beekeeping practises depicted in the serie we ourselves do not adhere to, the overall message of the plight of the bee farm is quite accurate.

I also wanted to let you know about my 2 upcoming Sweet Pure Honey shows in Medicine Hat. The first is at TOP music festival If you are looking for some fun and great musical entertainment this is the place to be $25.00 for the day shows, I am there Jan.27th 12-4pm.

I am at the Canalta Centre for the Servus Free Skate and local market Jan.28th 11-4pm. I will have our famous CinnaSpread and Valentine goodies for your all your sweethearts.  We have also added more green wedding favors to our online store.  Our little honey soaps and glass jars of honey make for great green, eco friendly gifts.

green wedding favorsIf you are reading this blog thank you for taking the time to find out what is happening in our world. You can stay connected with us on instagram, twitter and facebook.  Stella






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