Sweet Pure Honey Flow Hives

I wanted to give a quick Sweet Pure Honey update and let everyone know where we are for Spring 2017.

All our Flow Hives have arrived, Sheldon is busy getting them assembled and preparing for our bees. You can follow him directly on his Instagram and Facebook account Smokey Beekeeper, ask him questions and let him know what you are curious about.  As he is busy working in the field it may take a few days to answer curious questions. For Flow Hive questions I encourage you to contact them directly, they have a great Q & A page and many videos to give you insight on the process of having honey on tap from your own beehive. Right now, there is a 25% off sale for Canadian customers, so if you are thinking about purchasing one, check it out.

We also get questions regarding skeptics and beekeepers who do not support the use of Flow Hive.  I encourage you to do your own research. I find this has the most logical debate, it is a personal choice for each individual to make. Flow Hive will allow us to bring our loyal clients what they are asking for. I listened to my clients and they all said yes we want to purchase isolated honey crops. Our first batch of specialty honey is our Red Clover White Honey.

The spring means the beginning of the Saturday Farmers Market at the Cypress Centre. May 20th we are celebrating 20 years, if you care about agriculture in your community I encourage you to come down and purchase directly from the farmers in your surrounding area. I will go hard at my local markets for May and June and am planning to head back to our farm to help Sheldon with the Flow Hives in July and August. I always post where I am so if you follow me on my social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram) you will be able to catch me when I am home. You can always order directly online and have your sweet treats arrive right to your home. We are currently at a 4-6 week delivery for orders placed online.

Finally a big THANK YOU for your continued support, the emails and messages sent to our family mean more than you know. To have people reach out and say I get it, I get what you are trying to do, means so much.  Our children are turning into teenagers, which has been an interesting transition, and the website is now generating much-appreciated income to prepare for our upcoming honey harvest and new flow hives. Thank you for supporting our family bee farm.

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